The Bride of a Baronet

Need a wife? Host a contest! Pick a winner!

Widower Sir Adam Wilson, Bart., has put off remarrying in favor of seeing to his textile business and the tenants farmers who work the fields. At thirty-five and a father of a young daughter, he can no longer ignore his need for an heir. When he discovers how his grandfather found his Lady Wilson, he decides to do the same—run a bride contest at the local fair.

Although she didn’t exactly apply for the position of governess for Sir Adam’s daughter, widow Charlotte is happy to accept the position. She loves Penelope as if she were her own daughter. And Charlotte did make a promise to the girl’s mother—her best friend—to see to her education before the precocious moppet was even born.

When she learns of Sir Adam’s contest, Charlotte is surprised to discover the local villagers have devised a plan to fix the contest in her favor—by ensuring she’s the only one who enters.

But does she want to wed the baronet? And what will Adam decide the day of the fair?