The Vixen of a Viscount

Flirtatious behavior isn’t to be tolerated… said no man ever

Despite having been raised in a proper home with a proper nursemaid and then an even more proper governess, prim and proper Vivian wants anything but to behave properly when it’s been years since her come-out—especially since the man she has set her sights on is legendary rake Sebastian Peele, heir to the Weatherstone earldom.

After a lengthy stay in a monastery in the Alps, Sebastian has returned to London a reformed man. He knows it’s past time he take a wife, and he has a young lady in mind. A perfectly prim and proper young lady. At least, she was. He’s shocked by Vivian’s behavior and a bit bothered at how she reawakens his bad boy tendencies.

He’s not the only one who is surprised by Vivian’s new persona—her best friend Christina is appalled by her unladylike behavior during a dinner with new viscount Richard Hartwell. Christina is secretly glad he shows no interest in Viv, though—she’s quite taken with him, even after she learns the secret of how he came to be Viscount Hartwell. If only he could accept the truth of his identity, Richard might learn it’s far better to accept a family who loves him than live a lonely life.





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