Tuesday Nights

If every man is a master of time, then what of the man who forgets to keep track of it?

The second son of a viscount and a bare knuckle boxer, Michael Cunningham is more interested in building his fortune than spending time at the Marriage Mart. But long ago he promised his mother he would get married “if not before, then on the eve of my twenty-eighth birthday”. Now, with only a few weeks until the auspicious occasion, Michael finds himself in a rather awkward situation. He’s forgotten his next birthday is his twenty-eighth birthday.

Reminded of the impending birthday by his sister, a duchess, Michael realizes he has much to do in the three weeks he has to keep his promise – not the least of which is to secure the only woman he has ever considered for a wife – the younger daughter of his business partner and the very woman his sister has just hired to be a governess for her children!

The duchess will rescind her offer to Olivia in exchange for having her as a sister by marriage. But there’s no time for courtship, no time for banns to be read, and certainly no time to wait for a wedding to be planned once he has asked for Olivia’s hand.

His sister has the perfect plan, though. In order for Michael to meet his mother’s deadline and ensure a quick marriage, she insists he must ruin Olivia!

Olivia has felt affection for her father’s business partner since he first rescued her from a would-be rake at sixteen. But the gentleman never indicated a romantic interest in her during his frequent visits to her family’s home in Shipley. So imagine her shock when he climbs into her bed on a Tuesday night and is discovered by her father and some servants! Ruined, indeed!

Now married and living in London, Michael is sure Olivia despises him for what happened, while Olivia is quite sure her husband has feelings for her sister and wandered into the wrong bedchamber.

Will a week be enough time for Michael to court his new wife and convince her of his affection? Or will he regret his effort to accomplish too much in too little time? Only time will tell in Tuesday Nights.


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