One Year and Six Books Later …

If someone had told me exactly a year ago that I would have six books available for sale by the end of 2013, I probably would have responded with last year’s least favorite word – whatever.

After spending several years writing some of those books and most weekends trying to find an agent (without success), I had about given up on ever seeing them published. But I was motivated. I wanted to pay off a home improvement loan, and royalties from those books seemed like the best way to do it. 

Now, that home improvement loan isn’t quite paid off, but it will be by this time next year. To do it, I’ve had to spend nearly as much time to prepare those books for publication and market them as I did writing them in the first place!

How did I go about it? Probably not the best way, nor the least expensive way, but I know better now. I’ll share the steps (and mis-steps) in occasional posts over the next few months in the hopes that someone can benefit from my experience. And save some money, too.

Happy New Year!

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