Another Day, Another Pemberley

During our travels around Derbyshire, we’ve passed Panavision trucks and vans several times. We now know where they were filming—at Lyme Park. For those of you familiar with the BBC production of “Pride and Prejudice” starring Colin Firth, this is Pemberley.


Located in Disley, Cheshire, this 16th century and 1720s era estate was architected by Giacomo Leoni. The estate was originally granted to Sir Thomas Danyers back in 1346 and came into possession of the Leghs of Lyme by way of marriage. The family kept the estate until there was no one left to inherit in 1946.  The National Trust now owns it.


Due to filming, the house was closed to tours, but the gardens and grounds were open. We started on the north (front side), went through the main entrance, passed by the well, and headed to the south side to see if we could pay witness to any action on the balconies. Although we could see people on the balconies, alas, we couldn’t make out any details.

Next, we headed for the formal gardens on the east side. These are parterre gardens, meticulously maintained by a staff of full-time gardeners.

The orangery is right behind the gardens, and next to it is a rose garden. The reflecting lake is just south of the back of the house.

Paths lead all over the estate with floral delights throughout. Rhododendron are currently in bloom as were some flowers we’ve never seen before!

We had a look from across the lake—still no action on those balconies!


So it was off to the Italian gardens. You can view them from several different levels.


Ducks have it good here, as do the rest of the plants.

As today is a travel day—we’re on our way to our next accommodations in Windermere-on-Bowness—we took our leave of Lyme Park and headed to our next stop—Dunham Massey. Ta-ta for now!


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Pemberley

  1. Hi Linda,
    Just having a catch up on your travels, I am working upwards from where I left off. Just had to comment on Lyme Park, this is about a 20 minute drive from where I live, and when my mother was alive she loved to visit Stately Homes and this was always on the list. Myself and my Late Brother spent many a day here (usually rolling down the hills lol)
    I haven’t been for many a year so it’s lovely to see it again. It’s a shame they were using it for filming as if I remember rightly it’s beautiful inside.
    Adele x


    • I definitely want to go back to see the inside of Lyme Park — the exterior is a marvel. I had two sites where the interiors were closed, and this was one I was really looking forward to touring. As for rolling down the hills— what a great idea!


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