The Lady Of A Grump by Linda Rae Sande


The Lady Of A Grump is a fun, easy-to-read, second-chance romance.If you are looking for a quick, entertaining, passionate read, this is for you.Max and Patience’s love story stole my heart!

Many years ago, Patience had to jilt her beloved Max for a hideous man to whom she had been betrothed.Max married another, yet as time passed, he became bitter and angry.Known as the Earl of Grump, Max lived miserably until a chance encounter brought Max and Patience back together.

I loved the dynamic between Max and Patience.No one wants to be around Max, and for a good reason.Patience is the only one that can melt that hard exterior.The first time Max smiled melted my heart!

The characters and plot were well developed for such a short story.There is also a secondary love story that blends perfectly with the primary storyline.The passionate connection between Max and Patience smoldered.I read…

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