The Lady Of A Sultan by Linda Rae Sande


The Lady Of A Sultan is the second book in The Ladies Of The Aristocracy series by Linda Rae Sande.Recently widowed, the dowager duchess, Charlotte, is out of mourning and decides to take a holiday in Greece.Pirates take Charlotte’s ship, attempting to sell her to a Turkish Sultan in a palace by the Aegean Sea.

I love more mature main characters, and this book has two of the most organic, relatable forty-something characters I have read.Charlotte has lost the love of her life, and her two adult sons are self-sufficient.Charlotte is at loose ends without a purpose.When Charlotte meets Sultan Ziyceddin I, she is taken aback because he is attracted to her – a middle age woman.She doesn’t understand why the sultan would want her when he has dozens of willing young, beautiful women to warm his bed.I loved Charlotte’s journey.She is so unsure of herself when she has…

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