Dinner with a View

On any trip, we need to spend one night splurging on an exceptional dinner. Tonight was that night as we made our way to the “Walkie Talkie”, a building that houses the Sky Gardens as well as several restaurants and bars on the 35+ floors.

Fennchurch Restaurant is at the very top, but to get there, we passed by the greenery that gives this space its name.

Since we’re traveling alone, we elected to make our reservations for the bar, where seating is side-by-side. Give our reservations were at 7:30 pm, there weren’t very many patrons—once it gets dark, though, this place fills up fast, as does the City Garden Bar below.

Dinner offerings include an eight-course tasting menu, or a limited menu featuring fresh fare done using unique recipes. The wine cellar must be immense, because the list was huge (although it’s not hard to choose a glass of wine, as there were only a few pages of those). We elected the Eroica Reisling from Chateau St. Michele. Our starter was asparagus with crab on toast, although we were pleasantly surprised by a first course of a pastry-wrapped anchovy.


Our main dish was lemon sole with mussels and a spinach purée sauce.


We ordered dessert to complete off our meal, but we were surprised by inbetween courses—an orange sauce topped by lemon fluff topped by white chocolate as well as a dish of airy chocolates. Dessert was thinly sliced pineapple topped with coconut sorbet—an excellent and fruity finish. The mint tea was amazing. Our request for honey was quickly granted, making this after-dinner drink a perfect ending. And given how late it is, this is where we’ll end this post. Ta-ta for now!


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